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Sat Feb 8th 2020, 2am - 8pm

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Sat Feb 8th, 2020

2am - 8pm




In ancient Rome, Bacchanalia was a celebration of the God Bacchus beloved by Romans from all walks of life.

This annual festival was two days of non-stop wine, freedom, intoxication and ecstasy.

On Saturday 8th February 2020, we're bringing Bacchanalia to Trinidad and Tobago!

And you know what they say... “When in Rome, do as the Romans do." 

So yuh wa BACCHANAL?


First up for Bacchanalia Weekend - Paint, Powder, Water and Bacchanal is set to begin Bacchanalia morning off to a dutty start with an ultimate J’ouvert Block Party.


Paint Up The Road!

Sat 8th Feb, 2020

2 am - 8 am

Coolers Allowed.



As the Bacchanalia continues, we head straight into Bacchanal Road LED for a taste of Night mas with a side of Neon Monday Wear.

It’s lights out and LEDs ON, as your favourite Road experience will be sure to make you come alive in the dark.

Bacchanal Road LED adds the perfect electric twist to your Bacchanalia weekend!


Light Up The Road!

Sat 8th Feb, 2020

8pm - 2am

Drinks Inclusive



The grand finale to the Bacchanalia! Bacchanal Road in its 5th installment will continue to surpass your ultimate Road experience.

Monday wear, drinks, music trucks, bumpers and of course the STAGE - Bacchanal Road is the pinnacle to your Bacchanalia weekend.


Mash Up The Road!

Sun 9th Feb, 2020

2pm - 8pm

Drinks Inclusive



Carnival 2020, lewwe Paint Up the Road, Light Up The Road and Mash Up The Road! 

Welcome to BACCHANALIA - The Greatest ROAD SHOW on Earth! 

The only question is... How Much Bacchanal Can You Handle?



COMBO 1: Road Block + Bacchanal Road LED

COMBO 2: Road Block + Bacchanal Road

COMBO 3: Road Block + Bacchanal Road LED + Bacchanal Road

NOTE: All COMBO Tickets will be distributed and activated at each event. Please walk with your e-ticket as proof of purchase to collect your access band.