New York City


Venue Not Released

Sat Feb 8th 2020, 10pm - 4am

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New York City

An exact address has not been released. Please come back or check the ticket page for updates.

Sat Feb 8th, 2020

10pm - 4am


Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, those born under this horoscope sign have the social conscience needed to carry us into the new millennium. Allow us to take you into a new experience in a night filled with elegance and memories. With the best of Pop, R&B, Kompa, Soca, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, and so much more!


Complimentary glasses of champagne for all ticket holders upon entry. There will also be 3 $5 raffles for a bottle of Hennessy, Patron, and Moët Rosè, raffles are currently open with ticket sales.


We welcome all Aquarians to RSVP now and allow us to make this night all about you with a complimentary ticket valid all night as well as a few more Birthday surprises & gifts throughout the night. We’re offering bottle, table, and cabana packages at special rates in the spirit of Life. Reserve yours now by contacting us via IG @supremetheguy and @brandedmellow, email, or phone (516) 532-0846 For Supreme and (718) 781-9906 For Mellow. We also offer all birthday persons the option of creating your very own flyer on us!