New York City


Venue Not Released

Sat Aug 22nd 2020, 7pm - 1am

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New York City

An exact address has not been released. Please come back or check the ticket page for updates.

Sat Aug 22nd, 2020

7pm - 1am


We're formally inviting you to Kɾαʂʂαʋα or KPACABA (Russian spelling) - the premier social gathering experience, Mad Russian style!⁣

As backyards increasingly become meccas of congregating during these uncertain times, we've accepted the challenge of entertaining you in fine style.⁣

Picture yourself at an upscale fete in the Caribbean with the intimacy of a backyard lime. This is exactly what you will experience, as we transform our backyard into a sophisticated space with lots of ambience. ⁣

Mad Russian & friends will entertain patrons all night without musical limitation. All genres of music will be played, with an emphasis on Caribbean selections.⁣

Did we mention there will also be amazing culinary offerings by the incomparable Chef Paddy Intl?⁣


Ticket only event. No ticket, no entry.⁣

Location will be disclosed with ticket purchase 24 hours prior to the event.⁣


Drinks, Cocktails and Mad Hookahs on sale.⁣

⁣Table packages & bottle reservations available!⁣

Please text "krassava" to (631) 612-7436⁣


We'd like to emphasize the importance of everyone's safety and well being. That said and in accordance with New York State regulations expect the following:⁣

⁣•Ticket sales will be very limited as our goal is to have a safe and enjoyable event, not a packed one. ⁣

⁣•Face masks are MANDATORY and will be provided upon entry.⁣

⁣•Temperature checks upon entry. ⁣

⁣•Sanitation station on-site