Brooklyn, NY

Lux Noir 2021

Fri Dec 31st, 2021 10pm - 4am

Lux Noir 2021 flyer or graphic.
Lux Noir 2021 flyer or main visual.

New York City

Please check ticket link for venue information.

Fri Dec 31st, 2021 10pm - 4am

10pm - 4am


Tonight we celebrate! Out with the old, in with the new. Ring in the new year with GBM NUTRON and MOTTO, Music by NYC's finest DJs.


First on the list, we have a guest performance by...


Watch as he performs hits such as his latest, "Down Dey" and also throw it back to such hits as "Practice" and "Scene".

Next up, we have MOTTO!!!



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Location: Tropical Paradise Ballroom

Date: 12/31/21

Time: 10 PM - 4 AM

Theme: Black Royalty (LUX NOIR)

Colors: Rose Gold, Royal Purple, Black. 




Please note that purchasing a ticket for "LUX NOIR 2021" means that you are FULLY aware that this purchase gains you entry to the event on 12/31/21 from 10 PM - 4 AM. As an ATTENDEE, you agree that the PROMOTER TrinEvents is NOT to be held responsible for your personal effects or damage to your person/property for the duration of this event. You, the ATTENDEE agree and consent to dancing and and consumption of food/drink at your will! Reckless behavior will NOT be tolerated! Smoking is NOT encouraged and any persons found in violation will be ASKED TO LEAVE if not IMMEDIATELY EJECTED! VIOLENT/AGGRESSIVE behavior such as punching, slapping, hitting, throwing, spitting, damaging property of anyone else besides yourself, harrassing others whether it be sexually, verbally, physically, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Those found in violation WILL BE EJECTED! Climbing from any fixtures such as tables, lighting, any structures whatsoever will also cause your EJECTION! ATTENDEES agree that once a ticket for this event is purchased, you agree not to hold TRINEVENTS liable for any claims of damage, theft, abuse, misconduct, or neglect stemming from any acts taken by any other party at this event. This agreement is activated once a ticket is purchased WHICH IS NON REFUNDABLE! This means the agreement is binding and your purchase is considered an electronic signature WHICH CANNOT BE CHANGED as there is no way to altered, dismantled, modified, dismissed, amended unless ALL PARTIES CONSENT to such an agreement in WRITING! New York State Laws govern all terms and conditions of this release listed above.


As per NYC Covid regulations, proof of vaccination will be requested upon entry, consisting of either physical or virtual vaccination cards. At least one dose of vaccination is required, no exceptions. Negative testing will not garner entry.