Trucked Jouvert Road Experience

Venue Not Released

Sun May 30th 2021, 6am - 4pm

Trucked Jouvert Road Experience flyer or graphic.
Trucked Jouvert Road Experience flyer or main visual.


An exact address has not been released. Please come back or check the ticket page for updates.

Sun May 30th, 2021

6am - 4pm


Meet us by d TRUCK 
It’s time to get STINK an DUTTY!

With a Jouvert Route exceeding 2 Miles our Music Trucks and Water Trucks are sure to awaken your Carnival Spirits, with liquor and vibes flowing under the Beautiful Orlando Sun.
Join us as we bask in the revelry of Paint and Powder as we get Dutty‼️ 

Each Guest is allowed 1 bottle of Liquor (Plastic Bottle)