FETE LIST is a technology platform for fetes and all things soca. We happen to love soca very much so people started to associate us with vibes. We’re building our platform on a modern technology stack and will be releasing  an Android and iOS app soon.

We started FETE LIST because we found it difficult to find fetes in NYC. We only heard about good ones after they were done. It seems like the only way to keep up was to follow every DJ under the sun on Instagram. This is a problem for newbies and “feterans” (experienced fetters) a like. We set out to change that for ourselves and everyone else.

We are currently focusing on NYC and the major carnivals but plan to expand into all major cities. You can help by giving us feedback and suggestions (hello@fetelist.com), that’s how we make the service better. Also, tell your friends about us and follow us on social media @fetelist.