FETE LIST is a tech platform for fetes and soca. We make it easy for you to find great fetes (soca parties) no matter if you're at home or traveling around the world. We have fete lists for many different cities and all major carnivals.

You can also stay up to date with your favorite Artists, DJs, and Promoters by viewing their FETE LIST profiles to see their upcoming events.

We list all fetes no matter where the ticket is being sold, making us a one stop shop for all things fete. We also offer promotion and marketing services for promoters and event planners.

Our mission here at FETE LIST is to promote the magical fete experience throughout the world. We want everyone to experience amazing fetes and to fall in love with soca as a result. We also want to make it easy and simple for "feterans" (experienced fetters) to connect with each other and keep up to date with what's happening.

We started FETE LIST because we found it difficult to find good fetes at home and on the road. Now we've set out to solve that problem for ourselves and for you. All team members are from the Caribbean or of West Indian descent.

If you like what we're doing you can help by telling all of your friends about us. We also love feedback and suggestions (hello@fetelist.com), that’s how we make the service better. Don't forget to follow us on social media as well @fetelist