Miami, FL

Viva La Carnival

Venue Not Released

Sat Oct 9th 2021, 9pm - 3am

Viva La Carnival  flyer or graphic.
Viva La Carnival  flyer or main visual.


An exact address has not been released. Please come back or check the ticket page for updates.

Sat Oct 9th, 2021

9pm - 3am


 We have a couple of important announcements 📢

the biggest and best VIVA LA CARNIVAL 🎭 is on the horizon

Firstly, one word. Sapphire - It's Miami Carnival’s #1 people's choice VIVA LA CARNIVAL year V.

Couples give one another a sapphire jewelry gift 💎 on their 5th anniversary as a reminder of the love 💕 they've shared,
and I mean, we have shared so many big trucks, love, and soca vibes ⚡. You love viva, and viva loves you.

Our Sapphire theme is the symbol of the strength and soca for the years past and for punching a hole in the skies to come.

Secondly, Verily, Inflation is real but not at VIVALACARNIVAL. We will "fight the power," vehemently beat the villain // Voilà for $20, we will visit upon VIVALACARNIVAL Saturday night a viral visage of vibrant vibe. VIVALACARNIVAL year V.

The party with the most vibes CARNIVAL SATURDAY night starts at the most incredible $20 that you will ever spend 🤑

Alright, alright; enough prose… with 20million other events announcing we know all you want to know is: WHEN ARE THE VIVA TICKETS DROPPING 🥵⁉️ Well... If you have a meeting on Friday at 11:30 AM, schedule a bathroom 🚽 break, SET AN ALARM ⏰ at 11:25 AM, and brace yourself. These tickets will VANISH as fast as you can count to 10. On Friday, July 30, 2021 @ 11:30 AM, we will release both the $20 and $30, so you can get a ticket (hopefully 🤪).